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Dai Fujikura

Dai Fujikura

Dai Fujikura / Ice

Product not yet released - € 0.00
  • Type CD
  • Label Kairos
  • UPC 9120010281907
  • Catalog number KAI 0013302
  • Release date

About the album

"I think of Dai as a model of an “international” composer — someone who transcends regional styles and aesthetic schools in favor of his or her individual voice. He is able to deftly allude to and absorb music of different styles without being in the least bit derivative." Daniel Lippel, guitarist, International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)

The soloistic instrumental parts were all written specifically for members of the International Contemporary Ensemble and reflect ICE’s musical personalities and the group’s special relationship with Dai over many years. It is this spirit that has made the collaborations on this recording so rewarding, a formula that promises rich possibilitiesfor new projects in the future.

Although born in Osaka, Dai Fujikura has lived in the UK for more than 20 years, and is a well respected contributor to the world of contemporary, experiemental electronic acoustic music.

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