Bart Wirtz ft. Sean Jones


CD | Challenge Records | 0608917337129 | CR 73371 | 05-14

About the album

‘Interview’ is the new album of Bart Wirtz, in cooperation with one of the world’s greatest trumpet players Sean Jones (the orchestra of Wynton Marsalis, the Marcus Miller band).

Bart Wirtz won several honors including the Erasmus Jazz Prize, the Leiden Jazz Award and the Breda Jazz Prize) In November 2012 he won the Edison Jazzism Audiance Award for his previous album iDreamer. Wirtz is well known for his flexible and versatile style that ranges from hard bop to freer explorations.

For this recording, the line up is expanded with vibraphone, bass clarinet and keys. A new, fresh and surprising sound, cross-over with different styles that makes connection with the current time with rock, roots and jazz influences.

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