Schuler: The Lines -  Solos & Duets Cycle
Denis Schuler
Alexandre Babel / Tamar Halperin / Tanjia Müller / Cristina Presutti / Anna Spina a.o.

Schuler: The Lines - Solos & Duets Cycle

CD | Neos | 4260063113109 | NEOS 11310 | 02-14

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About the album

The Lines is a cycle of compositions for solo musicians and duos that originated as a meditation on “lines of time”, inspired by the writing of Virginia Woolf in Mrs Dalloway. As a work researching interiority and exteriority, this series of intimate pieces freely explores how duration and form interrelate, particularly through the relationship of a musician with his/her instrument.

Ultimately, these eight pieces – constructed from homogenous elements – propose an eclectic chain of musical moments, potential lines of time that merge together to create a poetic path.
All opuses are dedicated to the artists. Each and every one has had a hand in enriching the musical vocabulary and, through his/her knowledge and dedication, given life to the music.
Denis Schuler

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    • 1
      Perpetual Sense of Being Out
      Composer: Schuler, Denis
    • 2
      Composer: Schuler, Denis
    • 3
      Lune Bleue
      Composer: Schuler, Denis
    • 4
      Dans un pli
      Composer: Schuler, Denis
    • 5
      Composer: Schuler, Denis
    • 6
      Sept secondes arretées
      Composer: Schuler, Denis
    • 7
      Composer: Schuler, Denis
    • 8
      Composer: Schuler, Denis

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