Marty Ehrlich

Marty Erlich Large Ensemble

A Trumpet in the Morning

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  • Type CD
  • Label New World Records
  • UPC 0093228075226
  • Catalog number NW 80752
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About the album

This is the most ambitious recording I have done to date as a composer. These compositions, written over a twenty-year period, receive wonderful performances from these A-list musicians, many of whom I have worked with for thirty years and more. Each piece approaches the jazz orchestra in different ways. The music on this recording presents the fullest range yet of my creative passions. —Marty Ehrlich

This is the first program devoted entirely to the orchestral music of Marty Ehrlich. It displays the characteristics that have marked his success as an instrumentalist, composer, and bandleader: strong melodic invention and a keen ear for instrumental color, creative curiosity embracing disciplines beyond music, extreme sensitivity to those with whom he collaborates, formal inventiveness that enhances rather than obscures expressive intent, and an unblinking yet ultimately affirmative insistence on connecting his music
with realities both historic and contemporary.

Performance *****
Sonics *****
Stereophile Magazine March 2014

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