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Melanie De Biasio

A Stomach is Burning

  • Type CD
  • Label Igloo Records
  • UPC 5410547051932
  • Catalog number IGL 193
  • Release date 07 March 2014
Physical (CD)

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About the album

Melanie De Biasio was born on July 12th in 1978 in Charleroi (Belgium), but that is not the point. Her musical path started with a highly classic jazz training course and has led her to other worlds where her love for funk, reggae and groove could be satisfied, but that is not the point.

With her first album, Melanie De Biasio can already rely on close collaborations and unique experiences, but that is not the point.

The point is her fire.

The one that makes her sing. The one that sometimes burns her stomach. The one that gives her energy to put her feelings into notes, words and moods and share them with us in her own way, despite prejudice, obstacles and moments of doubt. Her fire definitely matters. Stirred by congratulations as well as by criticisms, it is a fire spreading among the people who are listening to her. And don't be surprised if, while she is whispering, you feel a shiver down your spine, it is only a flame that is caressing you...

She is presenting her first album entitled "A stomach is burning", in close collaboration with five musicians famous for their great capacity for listening and their noble-heartedness. Her compositions and the inspiration generated by these five musicians identities combine harmoniously to offer us a world... let's say... savagely tame.

  • 1
    Down (feat. Steve Houben)
  • 1
    A Stomach Is Burning (feat. Steve Houben)
  • 1
    Never Gonna Make It (feat. Steve Houben)
  • 1
    My Man's Gone Now (feat. Steve Houben)
  • 1
    Blue (feat. Steve Houben)
  • 1
    Let Me Love You (feat. Steve Houben)
  • 1
    The Latest Light of Love (feat. Steve Houben)
  • 1
    Convictions (feat. Steve Houben)
  • 1
    One Time (feat. Steve Houben)
  • 1
    Les hommes endormis (feat. Steve Houben)

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