Two To Tango
Aurelia Saxophone Quartet & Toker, Gustavo

Two To Tango

CD | Challenge Classics | 0608917212624 | CC 72126 | 01-94

About the album

Artist: Johan van der Linden, André Arends, Arno Bornkamp, Willem van Merwijk, Gustavo Toker, Juan Pablo Dobal Tango, tango, tango! One of the discs in this 2-cd set is a beautiful duo-album with two musicians from Argentina, Toker and Dobal, and they surely know how to play the music of their country. Listen to the album and start either to dance or to cry... They thaught the Dutch Aurelia Saxophone Quartet to get the same intense emotion out of their instruments, which can be heard on the second disc where all six of them play together. The set is for sale for an nice low price (which makes you either dance or laugh...)! These albums have been previously released on other labels, but surely didn't get the atttention they deserved. Therefor we've put them together in a special priced box and named them Two to Tango...

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