Songs from Far West
Ellenberger, Kurt

Songs from Far West

CD | A Records | 0608917316322 | AL 73163 | 01-02

About the album

Kurt Ellenberger - piano | David Dunn - bass | Dane Richeson - drums | Kurt Ellen - drums

Featuring mostly original compositions with the exception to "In A Sentimental Mood", Songs From Far West is inspired by the art of writing impressionistic tunes. With titles such as "Lackspur In Aspen", "Internal Presence" and "Nobilissima Visione", Kurt Ellenberger delivers triumphantly in his interpretations of the essence and concepts in exploring and capturing the mood of each tune. A storyteller with unique talents, Kurt Ellenberger displays a wide range of colour with a dazzling display of grace and harmony throughout this fine recording.

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