Mystic mainstream
Manson, Bevan

Mystic mainstream

CD | A Records | 0608917316926 | AL 73169 | 09-06

About the album

Bevan Manson - Piano  |  John Lockwood - Bass | George Schuller - Drums

The trio sound that these three artists produce is warmly reminscent of the best trios that world-class jazz has ever offered, from Bill Evans, Eddie Gomez, and Marty Morell to Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette. The main difference between Bevan’s sound and other contemporary acoustic trios is originality. Although Bevan has been influenced by an impressive array of jazz icons (Evans, Hancock, Jarrett, the great Denny Zeitlin, Miles Davis, and French pianist Martial Solal), his music reflects only essences of these artists as he integrates their influence into his own original style and musical approach.

“a superb jazz pianist…imaginative yet accessible” – the Boston Globe

“He takes the listener on a stunning voyage on every tune” – The Virgin Islands Daily

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