De beren gieren

A raveling

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  • Type CD
  • Label Igloo Circle
  • UPC 5410547750743
  • Catalog number IC 001
  • Release date 27 March 14

About the album

In the space between expectation and surprise, you will find De Beren Gieren, providing robust evidence that gold can still be mined from the union of piano, bass and drums. Based on the compositions of Fulco Ottervanger, the young trio seeks for music and for each other. This is the key to their music; the challenge of using the power of improvisation on the quest for a new form.
De Beren Gieren are going for it full blast. The group has won two prizes (Gent Jazz 2009, Hoeilaart 2012) and dared to share the stage with a number of internationally renowned musicians (Ernst Rijeseger, Louis Sclavis, Jan Klare, Susana Santos Silva, ...)

With a raveling (October 2013) the group has released its theird album. Their hard-to-pronounce name starts to ring a bell amongst music lovers from all over Europe. What might come in the future of these young talents it is only to be seen.

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The music of 'a Ravelling' clearly reflects the music and lifestyle of a new generation of musicians.

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