Henry Purcell / William Lawes / Simon Ives / Robert Johnson / Matthew Locke

Skáholt Bach Consort

Theatre Music in 17th century England

€ 18.95
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  • Type CD
  • Label Smekkleysa
  • UPC 5690351101546
  • Catalog number SMC 9
  • Release date 10 March 14

About the album

The disc of English theatre music of the seventheenth century brings together composers pf different generations, from Robert Johnson (born ca. 1583) to Henry Purcell, who lived from 1659-1995.
Our title - Theatre Music - covers a variety of compositions with different functions. While overtures and curtain tunes were performed befor the curtain rose, dances could be part of the action on stage, with the musicians in ornate costumes, either on stage or at the side. Entr'acte music was heard between the acts of a play - like Matthew Locke´s music for the Tempest, it framed the action without being part of it.

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