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The Historical Trombone

The Classical Trombone

  • Type CD
  • Label Querstand
  • UPC 4025796014068
  • Catalog number VKJK 1406
  • Release date 09 May 2014
Physical (CD)

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About the album

Deep insights into the history of musical arrangement proposes this third part of a time travel through the history of the trombone guided by Ercole Nisini.
Before the Twentieth Century when broadcasting and recordings brought music into every house, the "Hits" of those eras were enjoyed in private homes where one played them him-/herself on one's favourite instrument. If publishers of well-known music wanted to reach a broader audience, they often used the possibility of setting it for different instruments, that is, smaller and simpler arrangements. Scores of major operas and famous arias accompained by large ensembles were "reduced" for keyboard and voice or reworked for a melody instrument in order to reach  the widest possible audience. That kind of arrangement is presented on this CD - set for trombone and fortepiano. It contains historical variations, wherein the arrangers are often of the same musical reputation as the composers of the original, as well as contemporary adaptations showing the exeptional capacity of Ercole Nisini to get into several historical styles.

  • 1
    Sonata in B major, KV 292 Allegro - Andante - Rondo. Allegro
  • 1
    Acht Gesänge und Lieder, Op. 52 Urins Reise um die Welt
  • 1
    Acht Gesänge und Lieder, Op. 52 Feuerfarb
  • 1
    Acht Gesänge und Lieder, Op. 52 Das Liedchen von der Ruhe
  • 1
    Acht Gesänge und Lieder, Op. 52 Maigesang
  • 1
    Acht Gesänge und Lieder, Op. 52 Mollys Abschied
  • 1
    Acht Gesänge und Lieder, Op. 52 Lied
  • 1
    Acht Gesänge und Lieder, Op. 52 Marmotte
  • 1
    Acht Gesänge und Lieder, Op. 52 Das Blümchen Wunderhold
  • 1
    Mit einem gemalten Band (from Op. 83)
  • 1
    Die Zauberflöte Ouverture
  • 1
    Die Zauberflöte Bei Männern, welche Liebe fühlen
  • 1
    Die Zauberflöte Marsch
  • 1
    Die Zauberflöte Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen
  • 1
    Die Zauberflöte Papagena!
  • 1
    Seven Variations on
  • 1

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