Georg Philipp Telemann / Henry Purcell / Arcangelo Corelli / Alessandro Scarlatti / George Frideric Handel / Nicolaus Adam Strungk / Pietro Torri / Mr. Quignard / Francesco Mancini / Reinhard Keiser / Emperor Joseph I. / Marc'Antonio Ziani

Friederike Holzhausen / Susanne Ehrhardt / Sabine Erdmann

Amor & Rosignolo

€ 19.95
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  • Type CD
  • Label Querstand
  • UPC 4025796014136
  • Catalog number VKJK 1413
  • Release date 23 May 14

About the album

The comparison of human chant and that of the nightingale is, within Western Europe as old as the art of the chant as such. Seemingly this comparison tries to overcome the differences between art and nature, although it has been just evoked by this difference.

Baroque opera in Italy, France and Germany and their “little sister” the chamber cantata, would be inconceivable without the presentation of wished, disappointed or fulfilled love, without the interpenetration of artful chant and the model of nature.

A trip through five centuries of music history shows, how this model influenced the structures of instrumental music as well as chant.

This CD presents compositions by several European masters from the turn of the 17th to the 18th century which illustrate the richness of possibilities of musical imitation and artificial climax.

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