Ravel: Ma mère l
Maurice Ravel
Gordan Nikolic, violin

Ravel: Ma mère l'Oye, Pavane, Le Tzigane

LP 12inch | Tacet | 4009850097716 | TACET 09771 |

About the album

One year ago, the first LP in the "play backwards" procedure astounded the specialist world and customers alike.

Playing an LP backwards - is that actually possible? It is indeed possible, as the thoroughly successful vinyl production "oreloB" (TACET L207) has proven. And it offers considerable advantages under certain circumstances. The question raised by "oreloB" - namely why LPs were not originally made from the inside to the outside - has remained unanswered to the present day. Admittedly, the first LP has offered an ideal programme with the Bolero and La Valse of Maurice Ravel but the volume progression is also unmistakeably clear here.

There was no reason, therefore, not to do the same with the other works of Maurice Ravel as had been done with Bolero, all of which, incidentally, were recorded during the same sessions with the fabulous Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra. Gordan Nikolic really gets the dance floor vibrating with his interpretation of "Le Tzigane", and Carlo Rizzi carries us off into the wonderful dream world of Maurice Ravel with the fairytales of Mother Goose.

Some LPs by TACET will, in the future, be issued "normally" and others "backwards".

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