Robert Groslot

Peter Verhoyen

Works for Flute and Piccolo

€ 18.95
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  • Type CD
  • Label GroslotMusic
  • UPC 8717953153401
  • Catalog number GM 1401
  • Release date 05 May 14

About the album

"A new composition by Robert Groslot is always an invitation to expand the possibilities of the instrument in a way that remains intelligible for and intrigues the listener" - Peter Verhoyen

In the pieces united on this CD, Belgian composer Robert Groslot extracts all the possible characters out of the flute.

Exploring the borders of instrumental possibilities is a leitmotif in Groslot's oeuvre. His work list boasts as many as sixteen concertos and numerous solo and ensemble pieces, where the colour palette of an instrument is completely exhausted. This composer is not seeking groundbreaking sound experiments. His language is willingly modern and singable, as one can hear in this repertoire for the flute and Piccolo.

'One statement about the flute and piccolo is actually impossible', Groslot explains. 'They are two completely different instruments'.
No one who lets themselves be seduced by the inventiveness with which Groslot involves flute and piccolo in a game of intersecting colour combinations will ever beg to differ.

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