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Maybe not a global household word yet, but on the Spanish-speaking music scene Jarabedepalo has long since joined the ranks of what is nowadays termed a ‘mega-act’. Progressive thinker, lead vocalist and guitarist Pao Dones has an undisputed talent for ‘in your face’ Rock music, touching ballads, and lyrics that don’t pull any punches when they take a very intimate look at the paths life takes and the interpersonal relationships that arise en route. The Jarabedepalo classic La Flaca was recently chosen by Carlos Santana to be performed in a version together with vocalist Juanes as the first single from Corazon, the new Santana album, at the Latin Grammy Awards.
On Somos, Jarabedepalo is returning to one of its long-term standard line-ups with six musicians in the band. Alongside two guitarists and the rhythm section, wide-ranging keyboard sounds and above all saxophone player Jimmy Jimenez once again play a major role. The production has been focused to center on Latin Rock, as evidenced by such tracks as Tu mandas, Hoy no soy yo or Bala perdida, yet rock-solid Funk has now been reincorporated to add phonic depth to the repertoire. The sonic scale on Somos, Buenos noticias and Ilusinaciones accented by rhythmically grooving, strong bass lines, clavinets from the ’80s and even brief Rap inserts gets the Funk Party on its feet and shuffling. Twenty years of band history have amply demonstrated that Pao Dones is equally capable of writing heart-rendering ballads, but with Lo que te voy a decir and Tu no sabes quien soy he is adding new highlights to top off the long list.
Among the reliable constants on all Jarabedepalo productions is that guest artists turn up time and again to fine-tune the songs by giving them their ‘special touch’. Though iconic names like Compay Segundo, Celia Cruz and Chrissie Hynde have duly figured in the band’s history, the album being presented here showcases recording artists such as Italian songwriter Jovanotti, rapper Gybylonia from Venezuela, the fabulous La Duende, who contributes an Andalusian element to the overall sound, as well as Neapolitan singer/songwriter Kekko Silvestre.
Jarabedepalo, the ‘local heroes’ from Barcelona, stands for honest Rock music spiked with thought-provoking and sociopolitically critical lyrics which the band will be presenting once more on its world tour in 2014. Naturally the tour is going to be making stops in Germany, too. The dates can be viewed soon at It’s about time that we can finally look forward again to celebrating high-flying rock at party-time concerts that instantly catapult everyone in the audience to ‘southern climes’.

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