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Roger Doyle

Cool Steel Army

€ 17.95
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  • Type CD
  • Label Silverdoor
  • UPC 0718122453726
  • Catalog number PSY 028
  • Release date 28 July 2014

About the album

Adolf Gébler, Clarinettist...is the first in a series of collaborative 'cinema for the ear' projects between writer Carlo Gébler and composer Roger Doyle. Doyle's idea for each is to compose a live soundtrack for an imaginary film, with playback of pre-recorded acted scenes coming through loudspeakers, with dimmed lighting as in the movies, together with live musicians, lit only by their music stands. In this way audience members are given the impression they are present at the screening of a film, but one they cannot see, only hear.
It is the story of Carlo's grandfather who came to Dublin in 1910 as a freelance clarinettist and how he fell in love with an usherette and stayed.
The first performance took place in February 2008 at the National Concert-Hall, Dublin, with the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Gavin Maloney.
Roger Doyle is one of the leading lights on the modern irish electronic scene and a highly respected composer of modern avant garde classical sounds. This album features a truly beautiful collection of piano based compositions. The album is split into three separate pieces culminating in a 40 minute piece scored for orchestra and female voice. The work is based around the memoirs of rte symphony orchestras clarinettist adolf gebler. (Road Records review 2009)

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