Magic Circus - Chamber Music with Winds
Thierry Escaich
Initium Wind Ensemble / Vendôme Clarinet quartet / Axone Saxophone Quartet / Paris Saxophone Ensemble

Magic Circus - Chamber Music with Winds

CD | Indesens | 3760039839626 | INDE 060 |

About the album

When a composer enters into a filiation, as does Thierry Escaich, which includes Debussy, Ravel, Poulenc or Dutilleux, writing for wind instruments becomes essential. True, Thierry Escaich, composer, pianist and organist, draws the essence of his language from many other sources, from Bach to Bartók via Mendelssohn, Brahms or Franck. But for a musician as attentive as he to musical colours it was impossible to resist the temptation of placing his composer’s brush on the woodwind and brass palette.

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