White Man Sleeps
Nederlands Blazers Ensemble

White Man Sleeps

CD | NBElive | 9789070778286 | NBE 035 | 06-14

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About the album

On January 1st 1996, 3 minutes past 2 PM, the visitors of the Concertgebouw and hundred of thousands live television viewers held their breath at the start of the live New Years Concert of the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble -NBE- ("Dutch Wind Ensemble")

At the top of the staircase in the spotlights: a royal appearance, a black singer in a long garment, ready to play his nyatiti, the Kenyan domestic harp. He stares into the huge concert hall, his face is on camera in close up. There is a total silence, seconds pass by, seconds become minutes. He doesn't sing but keeps looking into the camera. Even more silence... The tension becomes almost unbearable, but then, perfectly timed, the harp sounds, the bells around his ankle start to tinkle and a voice fills the Concertgebouw with a sound that everyone remembers since.

That performance of the Kenyan, artist Ayub Ogada (discovered by Peter Gabriel) had a huge impact and became a overwhelming succes. Now, almost twenty years later, the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble invited Ogada to come to Holland again. The CD 'White Man Sleeps’ is the result of that effort.

Also featuring on this recording: the Senegalese percussionist Aly N’Diaye Rose and the Ethiopian singer Minyeshu. Minyeshu has also appeared in previous New Year Concerts of the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble and on those occasions caused a tremendously enthousiastic reaction by the public.

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