Bop Kabbalah
Ty Citerman

Bop Kabbalah

CD | Tzadik | 0702397818328 | TZAD 8183 | 11-14

About the album

A found­ing mem­ber of the internationally acclaimed punk/jazz/ new music ensem­ble Gutbucket, composer/guitarist Ty Citerman delves deep into his Jewish roots in this brilliant new project for the Tzadik Jewish series. Drawing inspiration from sources as varied as the Beat Generation, medieval Eastern European and Asian music modes and the rich depths of Kabbalistic mysticism, Ty has fashioned an intense and colorful program of modernist music that blends klezmer, nig­u­nim, jazz, rock, classical and more.

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    • 1
      The Cossack Who Smelt of Vodka
    • 2
      (Conversation With) Ghosts
    • 3
    • 4
      The Synagogue Detective
    • 5
      After All That Has Happened
    • 6
      Talmudic Breakbeat
    • 7
      Exchanging Pleasantries With a Wall
    • 8
      The Voice That Led Us Here and Then Waltzed/Hobbled Away

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