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Roger Doyle

Roger Doyle

The Ninth Set

€ 17.95
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  • Type CD
  • Label Silverdoor
  • UPC 5060268640566
  • Catalog number DS 103
  • Release date 28 July 2014

About the album

The 5 sectors of The Ninth Set were composed in 2006-7. It is a standalone piece but nevertheless is linked to, and is a continuation of, a large-scale composition called Passades, - Volumes 1 and 2 of which are made up of the first eight 'sets'. 
Sectors 4 and 5 of The Ninth Set were awarded the Magisterium Prize at the 2007 Bourges International Electro-acoustic Music Competition, France. The award is open to composers having at least 25 years of professional experience in the field, and its objective is 'the promotion and diffusion of works that might become milestones in the history of electroacoustic music'. 
"In both its ambition and the acutely articulate way in which it manages and manipulates its basic building blocks to create something altogether astonishing and vast, The Ninth Set propels Passades several steps closer towards Doyle’s monumental signature work, Babel. 

There is something remarkably atavistic about this restless, questing piece making its 67-minute length no mere indulgence but a necessity. This is music-making on an immensely concentrated level. For all its perplexing (and on occasion terrifying) subterranean Stygian swarthiness, The Ninth Set is as deeply concerned with emotional root and intellectual derivation as with brute being, primal force and tectonic shift. Indeed, few and far between are the electronic compositions that can claim to be as organic as this" The Journal Of Music. 

  • 1
    Part I
    Composer: Roger Doyle
  • 1
    Part II
    Composer: Roger Doyle
  • 1
    Part III
    Composer: Roger Doyle
  • 1
    Part IV
    Composer: Roger Doyle
  • 1
    Part V
    Composer: Roger Doyle

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