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Christy Doran's Sound Fountain

Belle Epoque

  • Type CD
  • Label Between The Lines
  • UPC 0608917124224
  • Catalog number BTLCHR 71242
  • Release date 06 May 2016
Physical (CD)

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About the album

Something new, unfamiliar sounds there from Christy Doran's family of merged sounds. Voilà: We announce the birth of "Sound Fountain" with pride! It sounds powerful, this little offspring of the Swiss guitarist and electrical experimenter that he just rolled out into the world: perky, loud, noisy, lively and hard to control. Because Christy’s ray of sunshine "New Bag" with singer Sarah Buechi, Vincent Membrez on the Moog synthesizer and Rhodes as well as Lionel Friedl on drums already has 18 years under its belt, but yet has never really grown up, the 67 year old apparently had a great yearning for those days when everything was a little more disorderly and anarchistic. Back when kids set tree houses on fire, peed on house walls, exploded mailboxes, inflated frogs, fought nonstop, were constantly on the run from something and someone and dad only watched the wild goings-on smiling mildly.
What music will come out of the SOUND FOUNTAIN is to be expected as a music with various influences from Jazz to Rock to Ethno to Avantgarde. The trio will explore the musical territories pushing to the limits the capabilities of the standard guitar trio guitar-bass-drums. An instrumental version of music that has interested the band members since long: composed and improvised music plus the music between composition and improvisation. SOUND FOUNTAIN has a huge amount of experience in many musical situations – each member of the band could easily play a solo concert – but prefere to play music with interaction and surprises – and risks. The three outstanding personalities with different musical backgrounds will have a great impact and together will gather an unimagined potential of creativity. Probably a lot of musical information; light and heavy grooves, spherical athmosphere’s, soaring melodies, abstract textures, – but the musical intensity will come from each musician and the trio will be more than the sum of the three individual parts: an energetic SOUND FOUNTAIN!

Review by Scott Yanow: Christy Dorans New Bag - Take The Floor and Lift the Roof


image Guitarist Christy Doran’s New Bag’s Take The Floor And Lift The Roof (DMCHR 71103) has creative rock featuring singer Bruno Amstad. Throughout his career, guitarist Christy Doran has been influenced and inspired by both Jimi Hendrix and the jazz avant-garde. He has worked with such notables as Ray Anderson, Marty Ehrlich, Carla Bley, Albert Mangelsdorff, Herb Robertson, Manfred Schoof, Tim Berne and Jamaaladeen Tacuma among many others. Since 1997, he has led ...

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