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How do I get in touch with the artists or set up an interview?

We are pleased to hear from all of the loyal fans, and we welcome all your questions and comments. If you have a specific artist-related question, we recommend that you first visit this artist's official website - perhaps the answer is there waiting for you or they may have included a specific email address for questions like yours. If not you can also check specific artist section in Challenge website. 
If you do not find the information that you are looking for on the artist's website, please send your question via our Contact page.

Requests for interviews and reviews can be sent via our Contact page to our Marketing & Promotion dep.. Requests sent to the general email address will be handled on a discretionary basis.

Can I use music and photos of Challenge artists on my website?

Challenge Records' general policy is to permit artist fan sites to link directly to Challenge Records' website in order to avail themselves of the copyrighted materials featured on our site, but only for purposes of promoting the artists and their records and not for commercial purposes. Due to the complex legal issues surrounding the duplication of copyrighted materials, Challenge Records generally does not permit the duplication of our music or artwork (including photos) on individual websites.


Where can I purchase Challenge Records products?

There are three ways to purchase Challenge Records products, through your local Record Stores, via our shop on the Challenge Records website or through several online music outlets on the web.

What is SACD? What is the difference between SACD and normal CD?

A Super Audio CD looks and operates just like a normal CD. Put the disc into any player with SA-CD functionality, select the track number on the player or remote control and press play. But that is where the similarity ends. 

Super Audio CD opens up an entirely new and unique listening experience. The SA-CD format provides audio performance that no other format can deliver. The difference is breathtaking - as if you have been transported into the middle of the musical performance, in the recording studio or concert hall. This huge advance in listening capabilities is enabled by new and radically different recording techniques used for Super Audio CD. 

For more information about Super Audio CD, check out this Wikipedia page

What is n-CD?

n-CD is an enhanced CD that contains bonus content for the CD owner. This bonus content is kept in secured web link that can only be opened with original CD. The bonus contents could be extra tracks, lottery, voucher for discount in online shop, and many more. 

If you have purchased CD with n-CD format, you can reveal the bonus content by inserting the original CD into your PC and follow the instruction. To see the minimum system requirements please check the packaging of your CD. 


Where can i find Digital downloads of Challenge products?

You can purchase digital tracks of Challenge products on the major music distribution websites, for example iTunes and Google Play. You can also find our music on Spotify and Rdio if you prever streaming music.

Can I download albums on the website of Challenge?

We are currently betatesting our Download function. Only selected users can use the download function on Challengerecords.com.

I've purchased an download album, where can i download it?

When you purchased an downloadable album on Challenge Records or trough one of our external downloadstores you have an account or created one. With this account there is an password created, you can login in to your account here.

When you want to download your purchase you also get an email with the download link in it.

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I try to download the files, but it gives me an error

Please contact us, there can be something wrong with our server or the release is currently not available. We will help you with the problem.

Delivery and Return

How long does it take before i receive my order?

For different area's of the world we have different delivery times.

Benelux: 2 - 5 working days
Rest of Europe: 5 - 7 working days
World: 7 - 10 working days*

If your order hasn't arrived and you want the current status, please contact us trough the contactpage or call to +31(0)33 7676 110 (option 1). To get a quick answer, please hold your ordernumber within reach. 

* Outside of the European Union it can take longer because of the Costums service in your country.

I have received my order, but there is something wrong.

Please contact our sales department. They will help you with your problem and find a good solution for both of us! 

Can i return my order?

Yes. Please contact our sales department. 

I have not received my order

Please contact our sales department. They will check where the order is or what has gone wrong.

I want to cancel my order

Please contact our sales department. They can check if the order is still at the warehouse or that it has been already shipped. If it is already shipped you can return the order and get a refund. 

Other questions

I am interested in licensing music for my project. Who do I need to get in touch with?

For Licensing Inquiry please contact us via our Contact page. Please specify "Licensing Inquiry" as the subject.

How can I submit my demos to Challenge Records?

At this moment our roster is full and we unfortunately cannot accept new demos.

I haven't found answer to my question.

We welcome all your questions and comments that are relevant to Challenge artists and products as well as for the website. Please send your question via our Contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


I encountered a server error or an error with a page, image, media file, etc. What should I do?

Please tell us about it. We are constantly working to improve Challenge website and we appreciate all feedback. Therefore, if you have had problems accessing anything our our site, please contact our Webmaster via our Contact page so that we can resolve the problem right away.

Please specify "Website Technical Problem" as the subject, and tell us:
  • The URL you were trying to access when the error occurred,
  • The sequence of events that led up to the error,
  • What browser/version you were using, and
  • What operating system/platform you were using.

We will look into the problem to ensure that you and other visitors do not encounter the same difficulties again. We always appreciate feedback, even when it is negative, and we hope that you will revisit that area of the site after we have corrected the problem.

May I put a link on my site to Challenge website?

Yes, you may link to Challenge website as long as Challenge website will not be positioned within a frame from your site.

What are Cookies and does the Challenge Records site use them?

The Challenge Records site utilizes cookies in several instances. Cookies are bits of information that are generated by a web server and stored in a user's computer for future access. Cookies are embedded in the HTTP (not HTML (Hypertext Markup Language, the general format of the web)) information that travels back and forth between the user's computer and the servers. Cookies allow automated user customisation and personalization, and, for example, may be utilized to assure that a contest applicant enters any given contest only once, or to shop session preferences such as number of posts to view on a Bulletin Board. Challenge Records utilizes cookies in order to keep the unique ID active (eliminating the need to re-enter such information upon each return visit), and for standard shopping cart functionality. Under normal circumstances the user ID cookie does not expire from the user's system.