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SUMMER DISCOUNT - 20% discount on everything!

03-07-2020 SUMMER DISCOUNT - 20% discount on everything!

To make sure you can keep enjoying the music this Summer we offer a 20% discount on our full catalogue* and on Challenge Records distributed labels*! This way you can still enjoy the wonderful music from your home and during the Holiday's. The discount applies on the full catalogues of the labels below. * The discount is available on selected labels and available until 31 July 2020. Challenge Classics Challenge Records Double Moon Records Buzz Epr-classic Retrieval Between the Lines CrissCross CAvi Lawo Classics Fondamenta Globe V-Flow Daybreak Timeless Jazz Legacy TCB The Montreux Jazz Label A Records PineHill Van Dyck ...

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The Ballad of the Sad Young Men - John Helliwell

19-05-2020 The Ballad of the Sad Young Men - John Helliwell

Exciting news! SUPERTRAMP saxophonist John Helliwell signs at Challenge Records for his upcoming album ''Ever Open Door''! The first single will be released this Friday! Follow the link to pre-save/pre-order the single: https://orcd.co/k2bxma6 Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated: https://bit.ly/2LIsQ6e

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Out Now: Beyond the Sum of All Parts

22-03-2020 Out Now: Beyond the Sum of All Parts

Challenge Records presents: New album featuring the CvA Concert Big Band. Students, alumni, and educators—representing different generations of players—have come from several parts of the world, and dive into the music of Reinier Baas and Johan Plomp. Beyond the Sum of All Parts isn't about Jazz or Rock, riffs or runs, but an attempt to reflect the beauty humankind is most capable of when boldly advancing in pursuit of emotional expressiveness. This recording successfully embodies the here-and-now of the Jazz department at ...

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Oú est l'amour by Charlotte Haesen & Philip Breidenbach

19-03-2020 Oú est l

Full lyrics translation: Oú est l'amour by Charlotte Haesen & Philip Breidenbach Couché sur un lit de mousse dans le jardin Au loin des cris étouffés Il est rare que tu échape à la ligne de frond De cette maison hantée Tu te lève et cours vers tes fidèles compagnons les jeux d’enfants, le chat perché grimpe grimpe jusqu’a la cime des arbres, ici tu vas pouvoir jouer en haut tu sera liberé Où est l’amour? ouais ouais hé hé. Où est l’amour? Portant tout ton héritage en baluchon les désirs ...

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New album by Nino Gvetadze!

04-10-2019 New album by Nino Gvetadze!

Cyrill Scott performed by Nino Gvetadze! Cyril Scott was truly one of the more remarkable men of his generation. Far ahead of his time in many ways, in others he was inescapably a product of the Victorian age in which he grew up. As John Ireland his friend and exact contemporary wrote to Scott in 1949 “You were the first British composer to write music which was non-academic, free and individual in style and of primary significance. Long before I could ...

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Ton Koopman turns 75 and ABO 40 years anniversary

24-09-2019 Ton Koopman turns 75 and ABO 40 years anniversary

Ton Koopman celebrates 75th birthday together with Johann Sebastian The renowned Ton Koopman is celebrating its 75th birthday this fall. Koopman is one of the last great early music pioneers of the first hour. Still as energetic as 40 years ago, when he founded his Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra (ABO), he and his ensemble are celebrating the achievement of this crown year. At the concert on October 4 in the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ in Amsterdam of curse Johann Sebastian Bach will ...

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Camiel Boomsma's new album OUT NOW!

11-09-2019 Camiel Boomsma

Music has an inside, where one can find the essence. On this new album, Camiel Boomsma approaches every piece from this vision. He looks for the deepest, the invisible, the elusive - the innermost side of music. Pieces by Liszt and Schubert are coupled searching for a poetic dialogue of discretion and passion. Liszt’s music is like an unspoiled landscape. It’s raw, fragile, strong, uncontrolled, poetic and paradoxical. One of the very first works Camiel discovered was Vallee d’Obermann. When he ...

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Nino Gvetadze's album Visions- works by Cyril Scott

11-09-2019 Nino Gvetadze

Pianist Nino Gvetadze has been fascinated by the English composer Cyril Scott since she studied music in Tbilisi, and always had the idea that she would dive deeper into his music when she got the chance. That time is now, because with this new album she has given him a fantastic and unforgettable hommage. Let the Scott revival be a fact starting today! Composer Cyril Scott, has been described by Eugene Goossens as "the father of modern British music". He was admired ...

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New symphonic live album by Philippe Elan and Residentie Orkest conducted by Jurjen Hempel

24-07-2019 New symphonic live album by Philippe Elan and Residentie Orkest conducted by Jurjen Hempel

We are happy and proud to announce that the album 'Ma France', the new symphonic live album by Philippe Elan and Residentie Orkest conducted by Jurjen Hempel is out now! Photo: RWFF/Rene Wouters Fotografie & Film

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Charlotte Haesen en Philip Breidenbach will release their EP on May 17!

19-04-2019 Charlotte Haesen en Philip Breidenbach will release their EP on May 17!

Singer Charlotte Haesen and guitarist Philip Breidenbach take the audience on a journey. In 'Autour du monde' the duo moves through different music styles with impressive virtuosity and playful ease. They skillfully combine original compositions and their own arrangements from well-known pieces to a timeless repertoire full of stories and emotions. On their new EP 'Autour du monde', the Dutch-French-Burundian singer Charlotte Haesen sings in four different languages. Together Charlotte and Philip talk about the struggle to find yourself (Wie ik ...

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Happy Birthday, Sigiswald Kuijken!

03-04-2019 Happy Birthday, Sigiswald Kuijken!

Sigiswald Kuijken has turned 75! He and his ensemble La Petite Bande will be playing the Matthaus Passion in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, April 9th. On March 20th, Sigiswald was on Kunststof, a program on the Dutch radio 1. Listen to this broadcast here (in Dutch) Coming Sunday, April 7th, Sigiswald and his La Petite Bande will be live on Dutch television with Podium Witteman (18.10h - 19.10h, NPO 2).

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In memoriam Chris Ellis (1928-2019)

18-01-2019 In memoriam Chris Ellis (1928-2019)

Sad to announce that pioneer record producer, co-founder of Challenge Records, jazz classicist and singer Chris Ellis passed away in Hilversum (NL) near Amsterdam at the age of 90 this week. He was a big inspiration to us and he shall be missed! ELLIS, CHRISTOPHER REGINALD (CHRIS) was the son of Myrtle Roberts (formerly Ellis nee Orchard) and stepson of Trevor Victor Roberts.  Chris Ellis was educated at Shrewsbury’s Larcastrian School and Technical College and after army service worked in various local clerical ...

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