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Hanna Devich gives Einaudi's music a heart!


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A very positive review yesterday in daily newspaper NRC about "Nightbook", the solo CD of Dutch pianist Hanna Devich, playing music of the Italian composer/pianist Ludovico Einaudi. This is the first ever album of his piano music not played by the maestro himself and the NRC reviewer deems Hanna's performance better than that of Einaudi himself:

"It is an advantage that Einaudi did not play the music on this CD himself, because Devich is a gifted pianist. She approaches Einaudi like she would play Nocturnes by Chopin. The result being far more lively and interesting. Einaudi's music still sounds polished, but it now also has a heart." (Joep Stapel - NRC)

Einaudi's music became widely known after the famous movie 'Intouchables' for which he composed the soundtrack. When Hanna Devich was looking for music for her students she found the Nightbook cycle by Einaudi and was immediately enthusiastic. After studying the music herself, she found out that it has more depth than is assumed. This depth is what she wanted to bring this across on her first solo album.
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