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Review by Scott Yanow: Verbeij | Soeters - Morse.


Pianist Floris Verbeij, bassist Bart Soeters, drummer Arthur Lijten on Morse. play subtle and creative jazz.

Pianist Floris Verbeij and bassist Bart Soeters teamed up as co-leaders to create Morse. Verbeij composes not only for this set (where he contributed seven of the ten selections but writes for films, television and plays. Soeters, who like Verbeij is a college professor. He studied with Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller and Clare Fischer in the United States before returning to Germany. He has kept busy in concerts with top European musicians and in the studios.

On Morse, the co-leaders are joined throughout by the quietly supportive drummer Arthur Lijten. Guitarist Erik Rutjes helps out on two pieces and the great clarinetist Michael Moore adds atmosphere and some swing to three selections. Most memorable is Fay Lovsky who, on one tune apiece, plays the water harp, the singing saw and the thumb harp. Her contributions help the music to be eerie and otherworldly in spots.

But most of the music focuses on the interaction of the trio. Their lyrical music is full of close interplay and melodic ideas. The group explores not only Verbeij’s original material but a group improve, Randy Newman’s “Living Witht You”and Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now.”

Morse is full of subtle creativity, quiet inventions and happy feelings.
Scott Yanow

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