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Great reviews for the 'stimulating, challenging and atmospheric' album of Batik


Headland is the first album of Batik, the group originated by Joost Lijbaart and Wolfert Brederode. For this project they were inspired by the tapestry work of Claudy Jongstra. The comparison between felt and music is all about compiling. Putting self-containd single small pieces (felt and notes) together to make a whole;  "When you make felt you compile. You collect and arrange and with nothing but wool, water and abrasion a whole new fabric arises that did not exist before. Music is also a compilation. You position and merge notes and create a living moment that invokes an emotion" as Joost Lijbaart explains. On Headland, Batik is blending music into one sound, the instruments itself are subordinate to the whole.

"The songs on Headland are of great purity and magnificence, with captivating melodies;  beautiful harmonies and intriguing improvisations."
- Jan Jasper Tamboer, Parool
"Emotion and excitement are seamlessly connected when listening to Batik."
- Johan Bakker, Nederlands Dagblad
"The sounds of piano, bass, drums and guitar melted perfectly together. [...] The first CD has become a beautiful record."
- Mischa Andriessen, Trouw
"The four musicians give each other space to build something together. The result is beautiful."

- Gijsbert Kamer, De Volkskrant

The eleven atmospheric, pleasantly meandering compositions are artfully interwoven by the contributions of four individuals.
- Paul van der Steen, Dagblad De Limburger / Limburgs Dagblad
"Within 11 compact compositions Headland makes clear that Batik is a great acquisition for Dutch (and international) jazz. The atmosphere that they outline in their compositions is stimulating, challenging and atmospheric at the same time. Headland is a very convincing debut."
- Dick Hovenga, Written in Music
"Headland is rich in color, full of layers, filled with subtle accents and intriguing nuances in rhythm, dynamics, intonation and timbre.”
- Frank Huser, Jazzflits
“‘Headland’ is full of musical power, played so subtly and with nuance. Explosive music, not so flammable as it seems, which reached far beyond the average."
- Mattie Poels, Music Frames
"The music is a mix of rock and jazz which occasionally swings and sometimes comes with a groove, but primarily it is a woven piece of music with guitar, bass, piano and drums."
- Stefan Koer, Plato Mania

"Within the group, all instrumentalist are equivalent, they play short catchy melody lines with nice motifs, themes are concise and can spread out wide sometimes."
- Jan van Leersum, rootstime.be

"With 'Headland', Batik delivered a magnificentce album, full settled music, with small steps that lead to a big, very big whole."
- Rinus van der Heijden, Jazzenzo

"The music takes you into a musical ecoysysteem full of understated splendor. Gentle on the ears and the mind"
- Gonzo

"The music is made in a timeless beauty and without stylistic chains."
- Christoph Giese, Jazzthing (Germany)

Click here for the YouTube video of 'Intertwined'

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