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Buxtehude Box: A milestone in the Baroque discography


Dieterich Buxtehude is renowned as the most important figure of the German Baroque after J.S. Bach. A welcome tribute to such an important figure, is Ton Koopman’s Opera Omnia, featuring soloists and the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir. Also released as separate CDs, this superb collection is now available as a deluxe collector’s box!

The story of 20-year-young Johann Sebastian Bach’s 400 kilometer journey by foot to hear Dietreich Buxtehude play in Lübeck, is known to most classical music fans. And it was not for nothing, Ton Koopman probably thought. This would become, after the recording of the Bach cantatas, Koopman's second ‘monster CD-project’. 

For the first time in music history, all works by Buxtehude have been recorded, including vocal works (cantatas, concerts and arias), organ works (played by Ton Koopman on historical instruments) and chamber music (sonatas and trio sonatas). With twenty independent releases resulting in a total of 30 CDs of beautiful music, Buxtehude’s Opera Omnia is now complete. But this unbelievable milestone in the baroque discography from conductor, organist and harpsichordist Ton Koopman and his ensemble, has developed into something even more special: a stunning collector’s box set with all 30 CDs plus 1 DVD. This Buxtehude Opera Omnia promises to be the reference point for all recordings of Dietrich Buxtehude, for years to come.

This incredible box will be presented on 26 October in Lübeck (the city where the International Buxtehude Society was founded). There will not only be a speech delivered by the mayor of the city about the completion of the Opera Omnia, but also Prof. Dr. Christoph Wolff (German musicologist and Bach-specialist who has often worked with Koopman) will give a special presentation in honour of Koopman's 70th birthday.

This box is a must-have for every collector and lover of classical music, especially of Baroque music!


Steven Branyon

June 4th 2021 18:59
My church, St. John's Church, Episcopal, Sav'h. Ga bought this collection for a recent gift. All of the volumes have arrived excepting VIII (8). Can someone please send this volume to me so that my set of the recordings will be complete. If a payment is required, I will be please to make a payment. Thank you

Gauchon JL

April 16th 2015 14:43
Are there sung texts with translation in this boxs ? In which languages ? thanks.

Challenge Records

March 27th 2015 11:51
Yes, they are!!!!!!


March 7th 2015 11:46
Thank you again. I suppose then this means that "29 CD 1 DVD" as seen in the CD box imagen of this very same page (as in all other sources I've seen) is a mistake, is that right?

Challenge Records

March 4th 2015 21:00
Hi Angel, it is 30 cd 1 dvd.


March 4th 2015 18:32
Does the box have 30 CD 1DVD or 29 CD 1DVD? I have seen different numbers in different sources, so I'm not sure. Thank you.

Challenge Records

November 24th 2014 12:22
Yes, all liner notes are in there!


November 20th 2014 21:08
Does the box set contain all the liner notes, etc. that were in the individual cd releases? If so, I'll order it immediately!

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