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Available now, a new reference recording of Beethoven


The Complete Beethoven Sonatas for Violin and Piano on 4 SACD's by Isabelle van Keulen & Hannes Minnaar is available. For a week the duo was in the studio recording the CD's and now we can present this album with huge pride. Not only because of the two star musicians excelling on these disc's, but also because we think we have in our hands what can be a new reference recording of the Beethoven Sonatas! The music sounds like new: fresh, powerful and deeply moving. Isabelle van Keulen, the Dutch violinist with already a very succesful career behind her is still feeling inspired and full of energy to make music every day and touch many lives with it, and Hannes Minnaar the young pianist, so talented and eager and doing extremely well in every way in this point of his career. Isabelle and Hannes have the chemistry together which is needed for these pieces. They have learned a lot from each others viewpoints in the whole rehearsing and recording proces. We hope you will enjoy this brilliant music by Beethoven!

See the video trailer for this production: here

Isabelle van Keulen is appearing in the TV show 'Maestro' on television starting from Thursday 30th of October. She is a member of the jury as she was in the last season. The first show in the series is on October 34 on 20.30 hours on NPO 1

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