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Linus Roth - the continuing thrilling story of Mieczysław Weinberg


This is the story of a composer who has regained his position in the history of music: the Russian composer of Polish-Jewish birth Mieczysław Weinberg (1919 – 1996).

His music and his name can stand proudly beside his friend and colleague Shostakovich and the fact that it does ring a bell now, has much to do with the efforts and dedication of violinist Linus Roth. He brought so much musical gems of Weinberg to the surface for the world to enjoy. Together with pianist Jose Gallardo he recorded all the sonatas for violin and piano to begin with and from there on he found more music of Weinberg to perform and record: the Violin Concerto with symphonic orchestra and the Concertino with string orchestra.

With this new record he took up a new, exiting but also a difficult challenge: recording the demanding Solo Sonatas for Violin nos. 1 - 3 by Weinberg. These are not easy works, not for the musician to record or play, but also for the music lover to listen to. They demand time and attention, an open mind and heart. If we take that time, to go with Linus Roth on this exiting path, it will really reward us. The works are played with a beautiful warmth of tone, a dynamical building up of tension that is very thrilling and a flexibility of technique that is almost incomprehensible. Roth is a true master in combining virtuosity with meaning, never showing off but coloring and nuancing every note he plays to his ability. So, difficult or not as some pieces might be, Roth pulls us in this music totally!

With this daring album where even a solo piece of 27 minutes is recorded, violinist Linus Roth gives us yet again the gift of music composed by Weinberg. The solo pieces are at some moments alternated by interludes by Dmitri Shostakovich which Roth plays with Jose Gallardo.

This will be a referential and influential solo recording, that is for sure. No other violinist has studied the music and life of Weinberg so deeply, and has incorporated it in such a touching way. With the release of the Solo Sonatas Linus Roth is now the first ever to have recorded all works for violin by Weinberg. A composer who, in his own words, feels to him "like family or a close friend". We believe this strong personal connection can be heard and felt in his recordings.

Cover photo by Dan Carabas.


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