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Lisa Jacobs' own festival Leiden LIFE and new album!


Violinist Lisa Jacobs will start this year with her own two-day festival called 'Leiden LIFE', which willstart on June 23rd.On the second day of the festival Lisa will, with her string ensemble The String Soloists present her new album L'Arte del Violino with music of Pietro Antonio Locatelli in a concert in the St. Pieterskerk in Leiden (church doors are open 17.00 hours, concert starts at 17.30 hours).

For tickets for this and other festival concerts go to the website of Leiden LIFE

L'Arte del Violino
While recognizing the first set of compositions designed to truly extend and test the technical limits of the violin, the 24 Caprices of Niccolo Paganini spring almost immediately to mind. It is inte- resting then to realize that almost half a century before Paganini was even born, the Italian composer and virtuoso Pietro Antonio Locatelli could be found pushing the boundaries of violin playing to its limits with his concertos Opus 3: L’Arte del Violino.
In his music, Locatelli pushes the boundaries of the violin techni- que with an unprecedented virtuoso and at times romantic vision. The frequent use of exceptional high positions on the violin, many daredevil antics in the left hand including double stops and ex- tended stretches, and the exploration of hitherto rarely used bow techniques, makes him a true pioneer for the violin and the deve- lopment of violin technique in general.
Despite his obvious fascination for virtuosity, Locatelli ensures that one is captivated first and foremost by charming original me- lodies and bold characterization. His music never develops into a tour de force but remains sympathetic to both the listener and the performer.

"Jacobs’s exultant phrasing and captivating sonority reaching new heights" (The Strad, UK, 2014)

Dutch violin virtuoso Lisa Jacobs is known for her passionate performances, interesting programs and communicative quali- ties on stage. She is equally at home on the concert stage with concertos, chamber music and solo works and performed with amongst others the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Brussels Philharmonic and Bremer Philharmoniker. The String Soloists is an international dynamic string ensemble based in Amsterdam, comprising 14 string players who perform under the leadership of its concertmaster Janneke van Prooijen and artistic leader Lisa Ja- cobs. Their approach to music-making without a conductor is what distinguishes the group from the regular chamber orchestras. It demands intensive involvement from all the musicians.

Program of the new album L'Arte del Violino - Pietro Antonio Locatelli
Lisa Jacobs violin
The String Soloists

Violin Concerto No. 2 in c minor opus 3 no. 2
1 Andante
2 Largo
3 Andante

Violin Concerto No. 1 in D major opus 3 no. 1
4 Allegro
5 Largo
6 Allegro

Violin Concerto No. 4 in E major opus 3 no. 4
7 Largo-Andante
8 Largo
9 Andante

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