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Angela Brownridge's youthful technical virtuosity


A free-lance and highly respected music critic in the USA, Alice Artzt, who wrote for the former and famous magazine the Absolute Sound Magazine of America, wrote a very postive review about Angela Brownridge's Beethoven album, which we would love to share with you:

This new Beethoven disc by the wonderful pianist Angela Brownridge is absolutely superb. She plays with a combination of amazing sublety and dynamic control right down to very nuanced pianissimos, paired with a ferocious strength and lightning fast virtuosity. This combination makes Brownridge perfectly suited to giving us incandescent performances of these three Beethoven sonatas. She recreates all the gentle moody nuances, as well as all the wild technical tours de force that Beethoven incorporated into his music and was himself known for as a performer.
Angela Brownridge has always been a wonderful pianist from her early days as a child prodigy, but with age she has become more subtle musically, whilst her youthful technical virtuosity still continues to each even higher peaks. The total control shown in these recordings is absolutely amazing, and reminds me more than anything of the legendary British pianist Solomon. I found myself captivated and pulled into the music right from the delicate precision of the very first notes of the Sonata number 3 in C major, which quickly expands into a wild flurry of arpeggios. The Adagio of this sonata is played slowly, with amazing nuance and control over every tiny detail, and with a very intense rendition of the 'Appassionata', and an equally wonderful performance of the Sonata number 30 in E major - three very different masterpieces of the piano literature, all played in a way that I am sure would have made Beethoven proud. Everything is performed so seemingly easily and with such panache that any possible technical difficulties are rendered completely irrelevant. Like Solomon, Brownridge focuses so precisely on what the music is doing that she makes you hear what she hears, and guides you through the music so masterfully that it seems totally new.
The recorded sound is excellent and truly shows all the details of these magical performances. Even if you think you know these pieces well and have heard them many times, you should listen to this disc. It may well open your ears to details you never noticed before, and gives you even greater insight into these wonderful masterpieces.

- Alice Artzt.
Princeton NJ USA.
The English pianist Angela Brownridge is well on her way to show us the exiting new paths she will be taking the next couple of years in her career and with the label Challenge Classics. With the Beethoven Sonata album released in March this year, the next disc with works by Chopin will be out in the fall and in 2017 a new CD with music of Debussy, she has a clear vision. Her story is one of a musician who lives and breaths with these beloved pieces for many, many years and has now, maybe more than before an overview filled with knowledge and with technical skills that transcend the musical material as it is. She brings in the energy of a much younger person, but the knowledge and skills of a specialist in her field. Her humor and spirit light up her performances as well! And that is why the interpretations of even well-known works by Beethoven sound so new, so fresh, so lively.

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