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Camiel Boomsma's new album OUT NOW!


Music has an inside, where one can find the essence. On this new album, Camiel Boomsma approaches every piece from this vision. He looks for the deepest, the invisible, the elusive - the innermost side of music. Pieces by Liszt and Schubert are coupled searching for a poetic dialogue of discretion and passion.

Liszt’s music is like an unspoiled landscape. It’s raw, fragile, strong, uncontrolled, poetic and paradoxical. One of the very first works Camiel discovered was Vallee d’Obermann. When he plays this piece, he asks himself to open up to this and observe the story that unfolds.

To unfold is essential as well in Liszt’s Liebestraum No.3, Au bord d’une source and Chasse Neige. The common character of these pieces is in a way averse of expectations. It is as if Liszt himself as well did not know exactly how the musical story would unfold. And when the pieces unfold, they all communicate something very profound.

The three works by Schubert – Gretchen am Spinnrade and Impromptus D899 No.1 and No.3 - are in a subtle dialogue with Liszt. They represent a dialogue between a certain poetic discretion and passion.

Camiel Boomsma: “With this album I have attempted again to search for the layers of the soul, that very specific moving language. Every piece I play is about this endless search. The beauty and expression lie in the fact that I will never find it. It is a continuous journey.”

Camiel Boomsma’s musicianship is described by press and public as highly sensitive and profound. In his playing the emphasis lies on telling the musical story. Boomsma has performed at many major national and international venues including the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Teatro la Fenice in Venice, De Doelen concert hall in Rotterdam, De Philharmonie in Haarlem, Shanghai City Theater, Nanjing Arts Center and Chengdu Concert Hall to name a few. Camiel Boomsma distinguishes himself as a pianist with a sound of his own.

“Camiel Boomsma is a poet of the keyboard” – Jean-Charles Hoffelé

06-09-2019, Concert Open Monumentendag, Andrieskerk, Amerongen, NL
14-09-2019, The innermost side on tour, Het Concertgemaal, Amsterdam, NL
15-09-2019, Concertgebouw, Spiegelzaal, Amsterdam, NL
21-09-2019, The innermost side on tour, Concertstichting Hillegersberg, Rotterdam, NL
22-09-2019, The innermost side on tour, Geldrop, NL
28-09-2019, The innermost side on tour (private concert), NL
29-09-2019, The innermost side on tour, Het Jagthuis, Den Berg, NL
13-10-2019, Chopin and Club Classique: Piano Concerto No.2, Theater de Veste, Delft, NL
25-10-2019, The innermost side on tour, Nieuwe Veste, Breda, NL
27-10-2019, The innermost side on tour, ConcertenVlissingen, Vlissingen, NL
03-11-2019, The innermost side on tour, De Buitenplaats, Eelde, NL
09-11-2019, The innermost side on tour, Quatre-mains klaviercentrum, Gent, BE
03-11-2019, The innermost side on tour, Lucaskerk, Winkel, NL
08-12-2019, The innermost side on tour, Kamermuziek Hengelo, Hengelo, NL
15-12-2019, Chopin and Club Classique: Piano Concerto No.2, Klamuze, Noordwijk, NL
19-12-2019, The innermost side on tour: Pianoseries, the Bösendorfer sessions, Waalse kerk, Amsterdam, NL

05-01-2020, Chopin and Club Classique: Piano Concerto No.2, Schouwburg Odeon, Zwolle, NL
23-02-2019, Chopin and Club Classique: Piano Concerto No.2, Schouwburg Kunstmin, Dordrecht, NL
11-03-2020, Chopin Piano Concerto No.2 - NNO, Geert Teis, Stadskanaal, NL
12-03-2020, Chopin Piano Concerto No.2 - NNO, Ogterop, Meppel, NL
14-03-2020, Chopin Piano Concerto No.2 - NNO, Theater Sneek, Sneek, NL
28-03-2020, Recital Noorderkerkconcerten, Noorderkerk, Amsterdam, NL
26-04-2020, Meesterpianisten series, Parkstad Limburg theater, Heerlen, NL
17-05-2020, Recital Zwaneberg, Zwaneberg, Heist-op-den-Berg, BE
01/13-07-2020, China recital tour, China
23-10-2020, Private club recital, London, UK
29-11-2020, Randmeerconcerten, Zeewolde, NL

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