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Nino Gvetadze's album Visions- works by Cyril Scott


Pianist Nino Gvetadze has been fascinated by the English composer Cyril Scott since she studied music in Tbilisi, and always had the idea that she would dive deeper into his music when she got the chance. That time is now, because with this new album she has given him a fantastic and unforgettable hommage. Let the Scott revival be a fact starting today!

Composer Cyril Scott, has been described by Eugene Goossens as "the father of modern British music". He was admired by composers as diverse as Claude Debussy, Richard Strauss, Igor Stravinsky and his lifelong friend — Percy Grainger. Scott was also a poet, philosopher, painter, occultist, writer (wrote 41 books!) and he composed a lot of works in almost all genres. In his music he was modern in his time, making quite bold decisions in harmony and structure. But after the World War II his fame slowly diminished. Why that was exactly, is still a mystery.

Whatever the reason was, his works speak so much for themselves, powerful as they are! And Nino Gvetadze made a beautiful overview of piano music from his hand in different period's of his career. All together they form a wonderful dynamic unity. Nino Gvetadze: "This album contains a collection of pieces, that will give the listener a little glimpse to the atmospheric, rich, beautiful, tender and meditative world of piano music of Cyril Scott. The album starts with a berceuse and leads us through the night filled with colorful Visions, followed by the Morning Song and the wise and dreamy epilogue Over the Prairie.

Have a look also at the documentary Cyril Scott, back to the beginning with Nino Gvetadze. In this short film she goes back to Scott's roots, his childhood in Oxton, near Liverpool. In June this year she unveiled one of two plaques in Oxton (orginazed by the Oxton Society), at Scott's birth house and visited this lovely English town and also Liverpool, where Scott also lived. Also she saw a cast of Scott's hands and his face, made shortly after he died, at the Williamson Art Gallery.

Single Colombine, video clip
Videoclip of the track from the album: Bells

Concerts where Nino will play Scott and others:
November 10 - Dorpskerk in Oostvoorne
November 17 - Grote Kerk van Blokzijl
November 22 -  Hoeven (Roosendaal)
February 28, 2020 Tracks - Nino in Wonderland - Concertgebouw Amsterdam 
And check her website for more worldwide concerts!


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