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The striking cellistic art of Jelena Ocic has met with standing ovations on three continents. Energetic, poetic, virtuoso, her playing is a rich kaleidoscope of colours and emotions. Bernard Greenhouse, founding cellist of the great “Beaux Arts” Trio, lauded her as “one of the most remarkable cello talents today”. The late Siegfried Palm, a major figure in 20th century music, called her “one of the most promising interpreters of New Music”.   Her chamber music partners have been Bernard Greenhouse, Konstanty Bogino, Ulrike-Anima Mathé, Federico Lovato, Friedemann Eichhorn, Vladimir Mendelssohn, Yuri Gandelsman, José Gallardo, etc…. She concertizes internationally as a soloist with chamber and philharmonic orchestras and as recitalist in Eastern and Western Europe, in the United States and Asia. Numerous composers (Cornell, Dott, Sorg, Prohaska, etc.) have dedicated works to her. At the Musikhochschule in Mannheim, where she is a member of the faculty since 2004, she is spearheading projects in performance  for cellists, and in the composition and interpretation of new music for cello for composers.

Featured on

Antonio Vivaldi, Jean Barrière
The BaRock Experience - Masterpieces for cello and organ
Jelena & Ljerka Očić
Ludwig van Beethoven, Paul Hindemith, Johann Sebastian Bach
Kreutzer-Sonata and other works for violoncello & piano
Jelena Očić / Federico Lovato
Dmitry Kabalevsky, Alberto Evaristo Ginastera, Anatolijus Šenderovas
Ginastera, Kabalewsky and Šenderovas - Works for violoncello and piano
Jelena Očić / Federico Lovato


Jelena Ocic & Federico Lovato; Paul Hindemith - Cello Sonata op. 11, no. 3