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"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley

SKOP GAT is a Music Mayday campaign to promote young talent in South Africa. International artists work together to get your attention. Will you give talent a chance?South-Africa was in the news big this year with the FIFA Soccer World Cup, but there was more: a joining of forces in music for this special project were Dutch internationally known artists met young South African talent, gave them workshops and teamed up with them. In the South African townships young talent does not always have the opportunity to develop their talents and possibilities. With this project initiated by Music Mayday, doors were opened for them! Ten tracks were recorded and an fibrant and energetic mix of cultures is the result on this CD! Hip-hop, house, afro-soul, mbaqanga, dancehall, folk, and a touch of jazz: in other words a tasty concoction! Giovanca, Blaxtar, Dennis, Typhoon, Ashwin Jaydee & de Rootsriders, DJ Franky Rizardo, Kern Koppen, Joep Pelt and Eric Vloeimans (!) have participated in the very special campaign named SKOPGAT. The CD which all of the above ambassadors made Together with South-African talents, is available now in the shops.
Kern Koppen, EJ von Lyrik, Zuluboy & Zonke Typhoon & Vuyo Tyolo Joep Pelt & Black Moses Ngwenya Giovanca & Zubz Blaxtar & Jitsvinger Ashwin Jaydee & EJ von Lyrik ft. Rootsriders Franky Rizardo & RJ BenjaminEric Vloeimans & Gloria BosmanBlaxtar & ZonkeDennis & Zuluboy

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