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"The only truth is music." - Jack Kerouac


Can music go to greater depths? Bachmann, Bischof and Mejer and Leo have been using their giant contrabass wind instruments as an inexhaustible source of sounds for 20 years. The composer and tuba player Leo Bachmann – already involved in the project "KOJ" on Between the Lines – studied in Lucerne and Zurich as well as under Bob Stewart in New York. As hardly any other, he investigates the sound possibilities of his instrument to the limits of what can be heard, and he has mastered numerous breathing, singing and playing techniques. He puts a great deal of importance on the effect of a sound in a room and the linkage of image and sound, e.g., in productions for theater and performances. The fact that he has also completed studies to be an SAE audio engineer at the same time contests to his consistent use of all possibilities. Thomas K.J. Mejer has selected the rarely played contrabass saxophone as his favorite instrument. Following studies in Switzerland and England, he received numerous distinctions and prizes, among others, a longer stay in Chicago. Mejer can also get a surprising variety of sounds from his supposedly very unwieldy instrument thanks to his intensive involvement with it. The same applies to Madeleine Bischof, whose instrument towers above her. She also studied flute and composing in Switzerland, completed master courses and played in numerous (chamber music) ensembles. The KONTRA-Trio has already recorded several CDs, among others, for American labels and Tzadik.

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