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BIOGRAPHY ESTAFEST Four high profile improvisers of the Dutch jazz and improv scene have teamed up and formed ESTAFEST. In this unusual line up, these musicians combine their distinctive instrumental skills and sound, wrapped up in brilliant short pieces, which are shaped on stage. They actually create an atmosphere in which both the audience and the musicians go with the flow of the moment. The result is cutting edge music, exciting, hilarious and breathtaking. Anyone who has seen the group was surprised, moved, nurtured and inspired. Since the individual members of Estafest toured the world with different groups, they can't wait to bring their favorite band to an ninternational audience. In the Spring of 2014 the group will release their sophomore album 'Eno Supo' (Challenge Records), the follow up of ESTAFEST Live! (Challenge Records, 2011).
METE ERKER SOPRANO AND TENOR SAXOPHONE Is considered one of Holland's most distinctive saxophonists. Besides his work with an impressive list of greats, among others the David Liebman Group and senegalese master drummer Doudou N'Diaye Rose, he is currently playing inThe Bridge: Martin Fondse Orchestra with Brazilian superstar Lenine, and is the driving force behind the saxophone quartet Artvark, the Mete Erker Trio, and not in the least ESTAFEST.
More info at: OENE VAN GEEL VIOLA AND CAJON Is known as a composer and for his work with the contemporary string quartet ZAPP4 and for his own projects, such as The Nordanians and OOOO. In 2011 Oene was selected to join Take Five Europe, a masterclass and residency for the top 10 of Europe's emerging jazzscene. In 2013 Oene was awarded the prestigious VPRO Boy Edgar Prize, thé Dutch jazz award.
More info at: ANTON GOUDSMIT GUITAR Is known for his current group the Ploctones and played for years in the very popular New Cool Collective band. As a guest musician he performed with innumerable bands and artists. In 2010 he was awarded with the VPRO Boy Edgar Prizeand in that same year he received the Duiveltje Award, thé Dutch pop award for best guitarist.
More info at: JEROEN VAN VLIET PIANO Has grown into an established pianist who is much in demand. Eric Vloeimans a/o has a problem when Jeroen is unavailable, since Jeroen is part of various Vloeimansprojects. Furthermore Jeroen is an outstanding composer. In 2008 North Sea Jazz selected him for the festival's composition project. Jeroen has played for over 20 years with ESTAFEST saxophonist Mete Erker.
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