"Music is ... A higher revelation than all Wisdom & Philosophy" - Ludwig van Beethoven

Poul Ruders

Featured on

Dream Catcher
Bjarke Mogensen
Ruders Edition Vol. 15
Various Artists
The Thirteenth Child
Various Artists
Occam's Razor (New Music with Guitar, Vol. 11)
Poul Ruders
Symphony No. 5
Olaf Elts
New Music with Guitar Vol. 10
David Starobin
Viola Viola
Hsin-Yun Huang
Poul Ruders Edition, Volume 9
David Starobin / Daniel Druckman / David Holzman / Amalia Hall / Hsin-Yun Huang / Sarah Rothenberg
Symphony No. 4 / Trio Transcendentale / Songs And Rhapsodies
Dreisig, Wearne, Odense Symphony Orchestra, Trio Transcendentale