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"Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances." - Maya Angelou

Joris van den Hauwe

Joris Van den Hauwe gained highest honours for his post-gradu-ate ‘higher diploma’ in oboe playing at the Royal Conservatoire of Music in Brus-sels where he studied with Paul Dombrecht. He has performed with the European Youth Orchestra and the World Youth Orchestra. In 1984 he won the bronze medal at the Interna-tional Oboe Competition in Toulon (France). He is now much in demand as a soloist with I Fiaminghi, the Munich Chamber Orchestra and the Polish Chamber Philharmonic, and he also performs regularly with the Salzburg Solo-ists and the Pro Arte Quartet. He is one of the founder members of the renowned wind en-semble I Solisti del Vento.