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"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." - Aldous Huxley

Jacques Ogg

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Harpsichord Suites, Pavane
Jacques Ogg
Louis Couperin, Jean-Henry d'Anglebert
Harpsichord Works
Jacques Ogg
Antoine Forqueray
Antoine Forqueray: Works for Harpsichord
Jacques Ogg
Duos for Harp and Pianoforte
Edward Witsenburg / Jacques Ogg
Quadros and Trio Sonatas
Ensemble Senario
Three 'Berlin' Harpsichord Concertos for harpsichord and strings
Jacques Ogg, Les Elements Amsterdam
Kleinknecht : 5 Sonate da Camera
Wilbert Hazelzet, Jacques Ogg, Christiaan Norde
Goldberg Variations
Jacques Ogg
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Five Flute Trio's
Wilbert Hazelzet, Alda Stuurop, Kate Clarke, Jacques Ogg, Richte van der Meer
Joseph Haydn
Sonatas for fortepiano from 1776
Jacques Ogg
Dutch Recorder Sonatas and Harpsichord Works
Ricardo Kanji / Jacques Ogg / Richte van der Meer
Benda: 6 Sonatas and 6 Sonatinas for Fortepiano
Jacques Ogg
Flute Sonatas
Wilbert Hazelzet, Jacques Ogg, Christiaan Norde
The Trios for Fortepiano, Flute and Violoncello
Jacques Ogg, Wilbert Hazelzet, Christiaan Norde
German Harpsichord Music before Bach
Jacques Ogg
Telemann : 4th Book of Flute Quartets
Wilbert Hazelzet, Jacques Ogg, Alda Stuurop, Wim ten Have, Lidewij Scheifes
Mancini : Seven Recorder Sonatas
Ricardo Kanji
Harpichord works
Jacques Ogg