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"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." - Bob Marley

Julian Reynolds

Featured on

Johannes Brahms
The Complete Sonatas for Piano and Violin
Johannes Leertouwer | Julian Reynolds
Rossini Mezzo
Scenes and Arias
Silvia Tro Santafé
Various composers
Spanish Heroines
Silvia Tro Santafé
Mahler-Werfel: The Complete Songs - Sämtliche Lieder
Charlotte Margiono, Julian Reynolds, The Brabant Orchestra
The Violin Sonata and Sonatines
Johannes Leertouwer / Julian Reynolds
The Violin Sonatas
Johannes Leertouwer / Julian Reynolds
Opera 4 Hands
Julian Reynolds / Peter Lockwood
Les Carnaval des Animeaux/Works for two pianos
Julian Reynolds, Peter Lockwood, Concentus Bestiales
Opera 4 Hands Vol 2
Julian Reynolds / Peter Lockwood
Felix Mendelssohn
The Piano Trios
Reynolds/leertouwer/hood, De
Fernando Obradors, Enrique Granados
A Spanish song recital
Silvia Tro Santafé / Julian Reynolds
Ludwig van Beethoven
The Complete Works for Pianoforte and Violin Vol 1
Johannes Leertouwer / Julian Reynolds
Rossini: Italian, French and Spanish Quartets, Duets & Songs, Selected Works for Piano Solo
Suze van Grootel, Silvia Tro Santafé, Jorge Perdigon, Ramon de Andres, Julian Reynolds