"If music be the food of love, play on!" - William Shakespeare

Bernhard Bamert

Bernhard Bamert (born in 1970) is a gifted trombonist and qualified graphic designer. He is responsible both for the striking look of the CD as well as for the short film (together with Lukas Egger). He is a CD-plus on "Brissago" – a great selected extra! Thomas Lüthi, born in 1973, studied at the Bern Jazz School under Andy Scherrer and is one of the saxophonists most in demand in the meantime, and not just in Switzerland. His special, warm sound fits perfectly between trombone and drum set. Christian Niederer (1971) is the "pacemaker" of the trio and knows all the tricks. Not only how you generate a groove, but also how you can warp a groove, so that you only think that you can detect a rhythm. The fact that he has played in very different bands from funk to soul and jazz is more than obvious. 

Featured on

Edle Einfalt
Fundamental Music - Jazz Thing Next Generation Vol. 11