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Gerardo Núñez & Ulf Wakenius

Gerardo Núñez Guitarist Gerardo Núñez, born in Jerez de la Frontera (Andalucia, Spain), is one of the outstanding pioneers of the Flamenco Nuevo. Flamenco Nuevo artists stand out due to their fusion of different musical genres and styles. In Núñez’ case this led to a remarkable number of collaborations with artists of the most diverse genres. Núñez collaborated with tenor star Plácido Domingo, pop-idol Julio Iglesias, harp player Andreas Vollenweider or rock band Mecano. Another example for his musical openness was his unique quartet with trumpet player Enrico Rava, accordion virtuoso Richard Galliano and bassist Eberhard Weber. Nuñez also made a name for himself as the composer of several popular Spanish songs.
Gerardo Núñez had his international breakthrough with the album "Flamencos de Nueva York" in 1989. Famous Flamenco-critic Alvarez Caballero commented on Núñez playing: „Rarely ever the Flamenco guitar has shone more due to powerful prowess.” Guitar Player magazine added: „An outstanding virtuoso – but his musical taste and masterly fusion of styles are even more remarkable.” His ACT 2000 debut "Jazzpaña II" (ACT 9284-2) brought Gerardo Nuñez another great success and introduced contemporary Spanish jazz to a major audience throughout Europe. Together with the likes of Spanish pianist Chano Dominguez, saxophonist Perico Sambe at, drummer and percussionist Toni Di Geraldo, FrancoSpanish bassist Renaud Garcia-Fons and the Gitano singer Esperanza Fernandez, Gerardo went to the Sonoland Studio in Madrid. Further invited musicians were guitarist Fareed Haque, saxophinist Michael Brecker and arranger Colin Towns. "Jazzpaña II" turned out to be a well-received album from both listeners and media and reached #1 of the German Jazz Charts.
With the 2003 ACT album "Le nueva escuela de la guitarra flamenca – The New School Of Flamenco Guitar" (ACT 9413-2) Núñez presented a fascinating project based on his collaboration with five young Flamenco guitarists.
The 2004 album "Andando el tiempo" (ACT 9426-2) shows the state of modern flamenco guitar today: 11 tracks take one on a journey through the infinite distances that lie between flamenco and jazz, a journey for which only Gerardo Núñez can act as guide.
“Travesía” (ACT 9534-2) is Gerardo Núñez most recent record and a further proof of his border-crossing musical way of thinking. Pop, funk, jazz and Latin freshen Gerardo Núñez’s flamenco, which he combines with extraordinary technique and great passion. On this recording, his wife, the famous dancer Carmen Cortéz (for whom he has written some songs), and his daughter Isabel, join in with their hands and feet by clapping and tapping. Also featured are prestigious jazz musicians including saxophonist Perico Sambeat and pianist Albert Sanz, as well as the legendary percussionists “Cepillo”, who co-produced the album. Their common venture is “la travesía”, the crossing; whereas the Africans sail across the Mediterranean Sea to their new home, these musicians are crossing borders in music.

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