"Necessity is the mother of invention." - Frank Zappa

The Norwegian Radio Orchestra is known as “the whole land’s orchestra” and is today regarded with a unique combination of re­spect and affection by its music-loving public. With its remarkably diverse repertoire, this is no doubt the orchestra most heard through­out the land – on the radio, television, and online, and at various diverse venues around the country.
  It is a flexible orchestra, performing all from symphonic and contemporary classical mu­sic to pop, rock, folk, and jazz. Each year the orchestra performs together with internation­ally acclaimed artists at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, which is aired to millions of viewers worldwide. Those with whom the orchestra has collaborated in recent years include the Kaizers Orchestra, Mari Boine, Jarle Bern­hoft, Diamanda Galàs, Renée Fleming, An­drew Manze, Anna Netrebko, and Gregory Porter.
  The Norwegian Radio Orchestra was found­ed by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corpora­tion in 1946. Its first conductor, Øivind Bergh, led the ensemble in a series of concerts from the broadcasting company’s main studio, es­tablishing the basis of its popularity and se­curing its status as a national treasure. The orchestra continues to perform in the context of important media events. It is comprised of highly talented classical instrumentalists and yet its musical philosophy has remained the same: versatility, a light-hearted approach, curiosity for all kinds of music, and an un­willingness to pigeonhole musical styles. Petr Popelka is currently the orchestra’s Chief Conductor.

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