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"Music: Breath of the statues. Perhaps: Silence of images. Your language where languages end" - Rainer Maria Rilke

Sarah Buechi : voice, Bastian Stein : trumpet, fluegelhorn Domenic Landolf : tenor sax, bassclarinet Adrian Mears : trombone Christoph Stiefel : piano Arne Huber : bass Kevin Chesham : drums     After 10 years on the road with his Inner Language Trio, Christoph Stiefel releases his debut CD with his Septet. The band was founded 4 years ago, and has played since then numerous concerts, always leaving behind a enthusiastic public. Together with the international release, a concert/festival tour is planned for spring 2016.
„Rhythm-a-tized“ represents a unique musical cosmos, full of interesting compositions of the leader, gripping grooves and rhythms, fascinating solos and beautiful calm moments.
Using composition technique from the Middle Ages, Isorhythm, Stiefel has created a contemporaneous jazz model, starting this in the second half of the nineties, which oscillates between complex, intense grooves and iridescent tonal painting. In his Septet, Stiefel consequently continues his way and uses virtuosically the rich possibilities of colors and rhythmic superpositions of the different instruments.
An impressive, exciting and soulful music played by some of the best Swiss and German Jazz musicians.

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