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"I see my life in terms of music." - Albert Einstein

“Why don’t we start a fusion project?” These words were spoken as long ago as September 2014 by a group of friends in Rotterdam. They live together as friends, which they’d become at the Conservatory in Rotterdam. They share a passion for the beauty and complexity of jazz/fusion music, and they took a shot at it by starting their own band: Marutyri was born. They’ve set out a few deadlines for themselves to produce their first EP called The First One. This EP was shot entirely on live video and contained three self-written compositions. After the release, the band started giving their first performances around the local scene. Soon the band started building up an audience, and the comments were enthusiastic.
Marutyri kept on performing and writing new material and in the spring of 2015 they recorderd their second EP The Tribe. Again three brand new pieces and a bonus track were brought out on CD and as live videos. During that summer, the band played at the famous North Sea Jazz Festival where they received overwhelming energy from the crowd. The Tribe was fully sold out and the band received a lot of great reviews. Marutyri - at first it was a name that didn’t trip off the tongue, but soon people started remembering it.
In the winter of 2015, Marutyri went to the Rocktown Studio in Rotterdam to record their first full length album Inner Movements. A nine piece concept album with funky grooves, smaller and bigger sounding compositions and story-telling solos. In April 2016, they released the album by courtesy of Challenge Records, having an album release party at Bird Rotterdam and playing to a packed venue. An album release tour through the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany followed. In December 2016, the band went on their first intercontinental tour through Asia, visiting China and Malaysia. In Malaysia, they played at the internationally renowned Penang Jazz Festival. After their return home they went back into the rehearsal room to work on a bunch of freshly written compositions.
In May 2017, Marutyri returned to the Rocktown Studio to record Creation of the Invisible, their second full length album. Inner Movements received an Edison nomination for Best Jazz Album National.

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