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Heinrich Bach

Heinrich Bach was a German organist and composer. He was the great-uncle of Johann Sebastian Bach and grandfather of Maria Barbara Bach (Johann Sebastian's first wife). 

Heinrich Bach was the ancestor of the so-called Armstadt-line of the Bach family. After the early death of his father Johannes Bach, his older brother Johann Bach raised him en taught the young Heinrich to play organ. Together, they moved to Suhl, and later Schweinfurt.

In 1635, Heinrich became member of the Erfurter Ratsmusikanten-Compagnie, led by his brother. He stayed member until 1641, when he was assigned organist of the Liebfrauen- und Oberkirche in Arnstadt, a job he would fulfil until his death (more than 50 years later!). In 1642 he married to Eva Hoffmann, daughter of Johannes Christoph Hoffmann.

Besides organist, Heinrich Bach was also a composer. Next to several chorales for organ, the only work that has survived is his cantata Ich danke dir, Gott, which is based on psalm 139. This cantata is characterised by its typical 17th century instrumentation: a five-voiced string section (with two violas), and five vocalists (with two sopranos). 

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