"Music is ... A higher revelation than all Wisdom & Philosophy" - Ludwig van Beethoven

Patrick Peire

Besides studying at the Royal Conservatoires of Ghent and Brussels, where he graduated in harmony, flute, recorder, chamber music and history of music, Patrick Peire also graduated in psychology at Ghent University, specializing in music psychology and musicology. He con-tinued with post-graduate studies in early music and historic performance practice in Cologne and The Hague.  As an instrumentalist he has performed with renowned chamber music en-sembles in Belgium and in many other countries. In 1970 he founded the Collegium Instrumen-tale Brugense and has been its chief conduc-tor since.  He also became director of the West Flemish Vocal Ensemble and with his new vocal ensemble Capella Brugensis he now strives for utmost perfection.

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