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Clara-Schumann-Youth Choir

The members of the Clara Schumann Youth Choir are ages ten to seventeen. Many of them have been singing since the age of six, in progressive training offered at the Clara Schumann Music School in Düsseldorf; the Youth Choir is reserved to pupils who are close to graduation. Choir director Justine Wanat ensures that the choir members’ education includes not only basic musical knowledge, but comprehensive vocal training as well. The choir presents its remarkable results to the public at large on a regular basis. In 2010 it won First Prize at the Mercedes Benz Choir Competition; in 2014 it won Second Prize at the International Children’s and Youth Choir Competition in Paris.
Justine Wanat studied at Katowice Conservatory, where she obtained her Master’s Degree with honors in choir conducting and musical education in 1986. In 1998 she was appointed as choir director at the Clara Schumann Music School in Düsseldorf.

Featured on

Gustav Mahler
Mahler Symphony No. 3
Adam Fischer & Düsseldorfer Symphoniker