"If you were music, I would listen to you ceaselessly, and my low spirits would brighten up." - Anna Akhmatova

Luís Rabello

Luís Rabello is a Brazilian classical pianist living in the Netherlands. Rabello was born in Rio de Janeiro into a family of renowned musicians who represented traditional musical genres in Brazil such as the Choro, Samba and Bossa Nova. Rabello studied at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory and completed his Master’s degree at the Rotterdam Conservatory - Codarts - in The Netherlands. Luís Rabello made his debut concert with orchestra at the age of 11 in Rio de Janeiro. In The Netherlands, Rabello continues to develop an intensive concert diary, having performed in venues such as the Amsterdam Concertgebouw and De Doelen in Rotterdam. Broadcast performances include the Studio Witteman TV show, Radio Opus 4 and Radio Classic FM where his album Flor da Noite was considered one of the top 10 releases of 2019.
With a vast repertoire encompassing Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern and Contemporary composers, in more recent years Rabello has dedicated special attention to the music of the Brazilian composer Radamés Gnattali, being responsible for many world premiere performances and recordings of that composer’s music.

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Luís Rabello
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Luís Rabello and violinist Floor Braam - Radamés Gnattali 'Flor da Noite'